AI recruitment assistant for non-HR mangers

AI recruitment assistant


Vilect reduces the time to hire and gives non-HR hiring managers the opportunity to "meet" more candidates in less time


Our intelligent assistant specialize in finding the best candidates for service sector jobs

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What we offer

Vilect is a AI recruitment assistant that helps non-hr managers run high quality processes and hire the best candidates in record time

Asymmetrical video interviews 

Vilect let you get to know your candidates better with recorded video. Recorded video does not require coordination and is always available with every application. 
In many cases, i.g. for in-store retail jobs a video interview can be more relevant than an application letter or even CVs.

Automated high quality processes

Vilect runs the process and helps any non-HR recruiter thorough the different phases of the recruitment process.
This reduces the complexity for the recruiter, ensures the quality of the process and lets the hiring manager focus on selecting the best candidate for the job.

Reduce time-to-hire significantly

Better processes and automated support from the assistant removes time consuming low value tasks, reduces frictions and makes it easier to start and finish the process. This reduces time-to-hire, enables you to choose the best candidates before the competition and reduces the need to make short cuts.


The Team

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CEO | Co-Founder

Kristoffer Almeland

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COO | Co-Founder

Nicolai Kirkeng Vennerød

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CTO | Co-Founder

Martin Solli

Torgeir profil - 1.jpg

Co-Founder | Investor

Torgeir Hovden

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Ørjan Blom

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Student Developer

Magnus Kvalevåg

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Student Developer

Per Magne Rosvik


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Student Developer

Tormod Mathiesen

Bergensgutta - 4.jpg

Student Developer

Jonas Ferkingstad


Our partners


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Arkwright X is an advisor and investor


Vilect AS

Vilect is a Norwegian company with offices in Oslo, Norway. 


Grundingen 2
Oslo, 0250